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About UltraDisk

UltraDisk, was established by USKYMAX Group, a global technology leader dedicated to consumer and business-grade memory storage manufacturing, and has over 15 years of business experience serving consumers, B2Bs, and OEMs worldwide. Available in over 80 countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, our products are sold at major retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers, and distributors worldwide.

Our Products

Our portfolio includes a broad assortment of Memory products including SSDs, RAM Memory Modules and USB Flash Drives. UltraDisk products function with a wide variety of computer and digital devices to provide a plethora of end-user solutions. Here at UltraDisk, we pride ourselves in developing new and innovative products that offer a sleek, modern and functional design. We ensure that every product meets or exceeds our high level of standards.

Memory & Storage Expert

We live and breathe memory and storage. we bring you the quality and expertise that’s been built into our memory and storage products, allows you to create, experience and save digital content across various devices. 
With computer technology accelerating at a faster pace than ever before, UltraDisk aims to push and raise the bar of performance standard on every new platform generation to its limits for better performance and faster computing.

Our Dedication for Quality & Reliability

Designed and tested to withstand some of the harshest environmental conditions, our memory products take full advantage of a powerful suite of features available in the industrial series of memory storage solutions. For memory, that process begins with using high-quality components and ends with rigorous functional testing to ensure each module is reliable and compatible.
Reliability is the cornerstone of UltraDisk’s product strategy and contributes to the high degree of trust between UltraDisk and its customers. UltraDisk is dedicated to exceeding the industry standard when it comes to detail, product quality and product reliability. UltraDisk remains committed to exceeding industry standards with every new development while maintaining the signature reliability of its products.